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Today on the blog I want to talk about weddings! Weddings are the most magical, wonderful, stressful and exhausting day of your life. I myself am not the biggest romantic at heart. I am more of a practical girl that thinks this whole wedding craziness has gotten a little out of hand…….

EEEK! I know what you are thinking here ” Ashleigh you make money off of weddings. Shut your big mouth and let people spend all the money they want” I know, I know! I profit from weddings and I LOVE doing them. What I have found though is that I vibe better with more laid back brides. You see I am always trying to help people save money and get the most out of every single stem that they buy from me. I want you to get the absolute best product at the absolute best price and people have seemed to really like that about me and my shop. When I say I vibe better with laid back brides that actually has nothing to do with the budget. You could be spending $50,000 or $500 on flowers and to me that is minor detail. What matters to me is that we are both on the same page. Every bride that I take on is a conscious choice. I don’t just take on any bride that walks in my door. If you and I are going to work together to make your dream come true I want us to be friends! I want us to be in tune with each other and have to same ideas. The more that we are “vibe” the better your wedding is going to turn out!

The reason that I  brought all of the above up is to point out the fact that you should vibe with all your vendors. There are sooo soo many wedding professionals out there to chose from and they may not all be right for you, but I can guarantee that one of them is perfect for you. You just have to do a little searching and the best team will be surrounding you on your big day. You want your team to have the same goal as you and to understand all your specific wants and needs. If you like bluegrass and country, don’t hire the nightclub DJ, If you want cupcakes and mini pies don’t hire a high end cake designer that wants to do a 50 layer cake, hire the person that is right for YOU. Also remember just because somebody is the most expensive doesn’t mean that they are the best but in the same breath if you hire somebody that is too cheap to be true……they probably are.

When meeting with brides I often get asked ” Is that normal” on many aspects of their big day from a toss bouquet to a traditional cake cutting. The simple answer is, there is no normal anymore! It is genuinely what you and your family want and what is most important to you guys. Don’t fall victim to giving in to everybody else’s opinion. I bought my wedding dress for $115 on etsy…..yep you heard that right $115. My wedding was outside on Lake Pend Oreille ( Pronounced PONDER- AY) I wanted a high low cut dress that was light and airy, It’s hot in July people! Do Anyway, I happened to find exactly what I was looking for online and it was a “bridesmaids” dress. I bought it though because it was EXACTLY what I wanted! I did end up having some alterations and adding a belt so the total cost was about $225. If that whole thing sounds cringe worthy to you, then go to a traditional bridal shop and get the dress of your dreams! Because girl, it’s your day and you do you!

Long blog short, Don’t stress about what you SHOULD do and how it SHOULD go. Make it how it is GOING to go and go and make it MAGICAL! Last but not least don’t get caught up in the crazy. This day is about you celebrating the love our live, that is THE MOST IMPORTANT part.

PS. Spend the money on a great photographer! Pictures are all you will have left! You can see more pictures from my big day here





How do we come up with our floral designs?

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This is a questions that we get asked alllll the time! People are so curious as to how we come up with all of our designs, they want to know the secret. Today I am going to tell you the secret, There is none! When I start to make a design I generally have no clue what I am going to make. I let the flowers talk to me and lead me, showing me how they want to stand or bend or move. I will outline the journey the flowers and I take while we work together.

1- The first thing that I do is decide what type of vessel that I am going to use for the arrangement. We have a variety of vessels in the shop that range from concrete cubes and wooden boxes to crystal vases and floral print teacups. We love to have a vessel for any occasion!

2- After I have picked my vessel I then think about what type of arrangement I am going for. Do I want to create something rustic and masculine? Maybe something soft and elegant? If I am making something to fill an order I would look at what the customer requested and also look if there was any requests like a favorite flower or color.

3- I then grab the flowers that I am going to use! I will also get the greenery that will be used in the arrangement, greenery is sometimes my favorite part of the arrangement. We have a VAST variety of flowers in the shop at all times. This will include roses, orchids, hydrangea, daises, snapdragons and MORE. Once I have the flowers in hand I am ready to get to work!

4- I always start by putting greenery in the vase. The greenery helps to hold up the flowers, it helps to keep them for going cray cray and doing whatever they want. Some of my favorites to use are Ti leaves and Silver dollar eucalyptus, okay ANY eucalyptus! Another thing that we like to use in our shop is curly willow. The curly willow adds height, dimension and amazing texture to the arrangement!

5- After the greens are in the arrangement I will start to put the flowers in. How I design them totally depends on what type of look I am going for. I may be doing something compact and low, in that case I am going to have picked larger fuller flowers that will fill up the vase. If I am doing something tall and airy I would have picked a whole variety some bigger, some smaller and especially some tall ones like snap dragons or bells of Ireland. I then start to put the flowers in to make them mimic nature as much as possible. Sometimes a flowers goes where you want and sometimes you have to go with the flow and work with them.

6- Once all the flowers in the vase in a way that I am happy with I am done! I add a bow and send the arrangement out for delivery or for sale in our cooler!

If you would like to learn how to make a gorgeous design yourself check out our next wine and design event! You can find details on our events page on facebook!


Ashleigh and The Bouquet Babes

Who is Bouquet?

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HI, IT’S ME, ASHLEIGH! Ashleigh Thomspon, A.T., Ashleigh-used- to- be- Wooden, Owner of Bouquet, Tiny flower lady…anyway you want to put it, all equal me.  I wanted to take some time to do a little meet and great so that you all know who the heck this crazy lady is that is talking to you and believe me, it’s true,  I am little bit loco.

I am 24 years old and live here is SE Boise exactly one minute away from the shop with my husband, Sean and two dogs, Hoyt and Dasiy. We love living on this side of town! We sold our brand spanking new house in Meridian to buy a tiny fixer upper over here and even though some think we are crazy it just felt right! Thank god for Toby Hawley for her amazing real estate skills or we might have never found this gem.  I think that every part of Boise has its own beauty but there is something about SE Boise that has just stolen our hearts. We absolutely love walking near the river and dining ( AKA drinking) at our favorite restaurants like Bier Thirty, Flat Bread Pizza and Barbacoa.

I tell that part of my story first because SE Boise, specifically the Bown Crossing area is where this whole flower shop story started. I moved to Boise to attend Boise State University. Why did I choose Boise State? Well, because my brother went there,duh. I lived with him for a year but then after that I decided to branch out on my own and ended up moving into the cutest rental ever right on the corner of Bown with two roomates, Brian and Jake. Boy roommates are THE BEST! When living over and here and having the time of my life being a college girl I realized HELLO! THERE IS NO FLOWER SHOP OVER HERE! LIGHT BULB  IDEA!!

I have worked in flowers since I was 16 years old in Elko, Nevada where I was born and raised. I may be an Idaho girl now but #homemeansnevada forever and always. There is something so romantic about the desert landscape and wild west atmosphere of Northern Nevada that will always have my heart. I learned to do flowers at Evergreen Flower Shop taught by a true gem, Lori Burns.  She is a flower goddess and I am forever indebted to her for introducing me to my passion.

Since I had a floral background when I graduated and moved to Boise from Elko I naturally started working at a flower shop part time. I really didn’t plan on working in a flower shop when I moved up here but flowers are just something that I could never get out of my system, I just can’t shake my desire to work with them and create beauty. I left that job once the light bulb idea of Bouquet popped into my head and at the old, wise, age of 19 I started working full force on bringing my dream to life.

My family is everything to me and It just so happened that right when I wanted to start the business my dad was also relocating for his job, which is in Mongolia, in the middle of the Gobi desert. Obviously my mom was not going to live there! My dads job is fly in, fly out so he works about 1 month on 3 weeks off. With the airport being so close and their kids living here they decided to move to Boise! YAY! They moved up here right away and we started what is now Bouquet 🙂

We have been running a small business together for nearly 5 years now and eventually bringing my husband in on it too when we got married last year. Yep, That’s right, 4 people running one small business and we are all still happy    ( and married)! Family business is not for everybody but it is right for us…..and we all agree on one thing, the smallest boss is the biggest boss, and that’s me. 😉

Even though this quickly turned into a story of how Bouquet came to be ( it is just such a huge part of me) I do have a life outside of the business. I enjoy doing things with my dogs. I am obsessed with dogs and I wish I could have 5,000,000 but Sean says that 2 is our limit. I also enjoy getting out and about hiking, fishing and soaking up the sun any possible way that I can. Sunshine gives me life! The most important thing to me is spending time with the family and friends that I love and building a lifetime of memories!

Do you have any questions for me!? Leave a comment on any of my social media pages and I will gladly answer!



We are shakin’ things up around here!

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We are a movin’ and a shakin’ over here at Bouquet and we have decided to switch things up! Valentine’s day was AMAZING and we are so so thankful for all of our amazing customers who genuinely feel like family! Seriously, I know you all so well, what all of you like,what you don’t like, when your birthday is etc, etc. I know so many of you on a level that is deeper than just “customer” but more of a friend and that is what has lead to me and my fellow bouquet babes to launch a new improved platform! Jill and Myself have decided that we are going to make the site and our social media more personal because, hey! We are people too, just like you! ( example: If my punctuation isn’t 100% correct  well that’s because I’m a college drop out people… #reallife)
YOU aka our customers don’t come to us only because of our flowers, you come to us for US. From now on we are going to of course post pictures of beautiful flowers but we are also going to post stories of us living our lives and doing our best to be #BouquetBossBabes while doing it. We will show you how we try to boss it up at work showing you  things like our organizational tips and tricks, firing and hiring secrets, how to make a family business work and our money saving ways. We will also show you how we boss it up at home too, meal prepping, healthy eating, hiding clothes purchases from you husband (Again,#reallife) and dog mommin’ like you have never seen!
We hope that you will enjoy this wild ride of life by our side while laughing with us ( mostly at us) and growing  with us while we figure out how to juggle this crazy life all while trying to hold it together and acting like a BOSS!

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