Your Flower Shop Experts: The Bouquet Flower Shop Staff in Boise, ID

© Snapshots by Jolene 2015

Fun Facts about Jill

  • Jill the leader of the whole Wooden family. Without her, there would be absolute mayhem.
  • She LOVES to read and can easily read 400 pages in one day.
  • She may love her dogs more that her children. Just kidding . . . but maybe.
  • Jill is a DIVA . . . It’s her way or the highway.
  • Her favorite place in the world is lying next to a lake or river. She would spend every single day there if she could.
  • She is the best mom and dog grandma around. 🙂

Fun Facts about Ashleigh

  • Ashleigh is slightly obsessed with her dogs Daisy and Hoyt.
  • She LOVES Dutch Bro’s Chai tea and would prefer to drink 1 or 2 a day.
  • If you catch her driving down the road, she will be more than likely blaring the radio and getting her jam on.
  • She may or may not be a little hardheaded. 😉
  • She has only 2 speeds: 150 mph and dead asleep.
  • Binge-watching reality TV is one of her greatest talents.

Fun Facts about Kayla

  • She is the BOSS.
  • She is a go-getter and is not afraid of taking on any task.
  • She is the best driver out of all the women in the family.
  • If she hasn’t had her coffee yet, don’t talk to her.
  • She is a social butterfly and is always out and about with her friends.
  • She was the cutest baby in the family. 😉

© Snapshots by Jolene 2015

© Snapshots by Jolene 2015

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618 E Boise Ave
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